Add Headings and they will appear in your table of contents.

  • To view a larger map with details, click the "full screen" button in the upper right corner of the map (it will open in a new window).

  • To view the names of all the sites, after you open the map in full screen, click the arrow next to "All items"

  • You can then click an individual site name to see the details for the site: Name, Cross streets, Address, Days Open & Times and Appointment Phone #.

  • Optionally, to search the map for the closest AARP Taxaide location for your address, click the "search" magnifying glass in the left panel and enter the address. The map will put a small red dot on the map for your address. You will then need to click the minus sign "-" (below the plus sign "+") (MANY TIMES) in the lower left corner of the map until you see all the locations or find the one closest to the address.